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Play Without Hassle

Play games without the need to learn about editing configuration files, modding, patching or scripting. Simply select a game from the Aurora Marketplace and enjoy. Games will be automatically downloaded, installed and configured for you. All you have to do is launch the game.

Automatic Updates and Fixes

Games on your Aurora Console will be updated to the latest versions for you automatically. Therefore, eliminating the hassle of browsing entire websites looking for fixes or patches or even having to recompile a source tarball to get your game to function.

Actually Enjoy Indie Games

Playing a game is far more enjoyable when you can sit on your couch and just play the game which is what the Aurora Console allows you to do. Grab the controller, power on the console and you're ready to go.

Supercharged Performance

Aurora's high-performance cores allow you to run not only 2d simplistic games but demanding 3d games in 1080p High Definition meaning indie developers are no longer left guessing what hardware to support or how low to throttle the graphics.

Games, Videos, Photos

Aurora allows you to play demanding games, watch 1080p HD movies or view photos either from a USB or home media server eliminating the need for a separate audio player or tv streaming device.


At Aurora we care about the environment and we care a lot. We believe in lowering the amount of waste by focusing on long-term support models. This means lower costs for you and less trash for landfills.

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